Clients include...

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Marketing Consultant

As a marketing consultant, here are a few examples of the ways I support my clients.

Marketing counsel  

  • Provide guidance and support, including oversight, reporting and an external sense-check to you, your senior colleagues and your Board if required, on your entire marketing function, general marketing direction, a campaign, strategy, project or challenge
  • It will be knowledgeable, experienced and informed marketing advice and support, yet objective and with a fresh perspective from someone not tied to the current way of thinking within the organisation 
  • Be a sounding board for your senior internal marketing role/s. 

Outsourced marketing director 

  • I can provide an outsourced marketing director function to your organisation and be that senior lead you need on a frequent, ad-hoc or project basis
  • I can audit your marketing function and advising on any areas that need improvement. This will include whether you've got the right plan, the right brand, segmentation and targeting, correct team and budget, right tactics, enough insight, a customer driven and competitive proposition and whether all of these elements combined will achieve your objectives
  • Give you and your senior colleagues, including your Board, marketing assurance, clarity and direction to help the organisation make informed decisions
  • Be the senior marketing voice at the table if you don't have one or bolster an existing senior role that has too much work on and needs a helping hand
  • Help you find marketing efficiencies and savings and guide you through complex marketing budget setting
  • Write marketing reports for key stakeholders and your Board.

Strategic marketing clarity 

  • As your marketing consultant, I can create a marketing strategy and oversee its implementation 
  • Develop your marketing proposition and its relevance
  • Give clarity around who to target and why. And how best to target them
  • Develop what you stand for, what your positioning should be and how customer perception should be measured and used
  • Advise what marketing communications should be used to achieve your objectives and how best to use them; from digital, PR, and outdoor to experiential, direct, TV and radio - I have experience in all of them
  • Ensure separate marketing projects are not pulling in different directions, with no clear strategy or cohesive link to the organisation's objectives
  • Define your message hierarchy
  • Advise what type of tactical marketing support you require and who best to deliver to it.

Marketing Transformation  

  • Align the marketing function to your organisation's objectives and orchestrate a transition towards one that is focused on marketing
  • Embed marketing performance measurement and commercial focus around KPIs, ROI, insight and commercial figures
  • Ensure your marketing processes are robust and effective.

Marketing team structure and performance

  • I can build you a marketing function and team, from scratch if necessary, or help you transform the existing one if performance isn't satisfactory. I can help you define what satisfactory is if you're unsure
  • I can help you restructure the existing team and ensure the most appropriate roles are in place to meet the organisation's objectives moving forward 
  • If you find yourself without a senior lead, I can help direct the internal team if, and when, necessary whilst a more permanent solution is found.


Marketing Consultant


My way of working

I work fast, with a no nonsense approach. And I get the job done. But to do my job properly as a marketing consultant, I will ask some tough questions and turn over those rocks to see what's underneath. I will respectfully challenge you, your way of thinking, your data and decisions to ensure I fully understand our current position and how we can achieve the objective at hand.   

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My approach

I am decisive, pragmatic and a great multi-tasker who can influence at the highest level. As a marketing consultant, I will work alongside your existing directors and senior team seamlessly, providing support and guidance when required, challenge you and your peers in a professional and helpful way and provide an exceptional level of service with passion and conviction. 


A bit more about me...

I'm Owain Cassidy. Other passions apart from marketing I hear you ask? I am an avid cyclist who is partial to wearing pink on a bike. And have the most amazing, super-happy French bulldog named Walt. And yes, that's him. He’s ace and brings miles of smiles to everyone he meets. 

He's optional at meetings. Although he does fart and snore a lot. You've been warned.